State facts trivia book now available on all 50 states!

State facts trivia book now available on all 50 states!


February 11, 2016

Wyatt Michaels is pleased to announce that his trivia book, the Nifty Fifty States Facts for Fun! Book 1, is now available. Trivia and history buffs alike can pick up a copy on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback version. 

Nifty Fifty States Facts for Fun! Book 1 brings facts, trivia, and fun for all ages. Offering an on-the-go game for long car trips or a family night at home, the book offers an educational and lighthearted look at each of the nation’s states. 

Questions in the book include, “Which state has more cattle than people?” and “Where is the nation’s largest indoor water-themed park?”.

It's time to take learning to a whole new level of entertainment. With the nifty fifty states quiz book, you'll have the time of your life learning a wide variety of fascinating facts from all fifty states. 

For example, a few of the questions in this book include: *Which state has more cattle than people? *Name one of two states that became states on the same day. *Where is the nation's largest indoor water-themed park? 

Geography games are rare, and games that aren't on pictures on flashcards are even rarer. That's why a nifty-fifty interactive book is such a great investment. There's a treasure trove of facts and information in the book, all laid out in a perfect game format, so you can quiz friends and family when you're bored, on a long trip, or just to see how much they know!

Author Biography: Wyatt’s varied interests are demonstrated by the different topics of his interactive “Facts for Fun” books. From presidents and states to the alphabet, animals, sports and more, Wyatt uses interactive questions and answers with lots of pictures and sometimes some humor to make the entertainment obvious, and the education subtle.

Country Of Publication: United States

USD Price: $8.97

Target Audience: Family


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