A Horse Story for girls written by a horse-loving teen!


February 9, 2016

Book Description: A Father’s Choice is a horse story about a young girl, Anna, whose father has made the choice to leave the family. Due to financial difficulties, the family loses their home and has been forced to live with relatives, making Anna’s life difficult. Recently, they have come to stay at Anna’s grandparent’s home, where she discovers a horse. Immediately falling in love with the horse, Anna learns to continue her love for the people that she is angry with, like her father. Unfortunately, Anna is unable to raise enough money to purchase the horse, so when she moves away from her grandmother’s, she won’t be able to see the horse again. This is the first entry into the Horses from Heaven series, a new series in kid’s fiction. It is a brilliant short story about girls and horses for kids, as it is an entertaining and enlightening read, especially for any child that is struggling to overcome an anger issue. Short stories for kids in recent years have been created for a quick profit rather than to entertain and teach their readers. Often, these books treat children like fools, and assume they are incapable of handling deeper plots or anything less than a completely happy and innocent story. Luckily, this book is a one of the few short stories for children that attempts to both entertain, and instruct its readers in a deep manner.

Author Biography: At 15, there is nothing that Kalyn loves more than spending time with her animals. She enjoys sharing her love of animals using her lively imagination. Her passion for animals and faith in a loving God comes through her stories without pretense or preachiness.

Author Name: Kalyn Lorenz


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