Author Pens Bestseller with the Help of a Dog and a Bug

Author Pens Bestseller with the Help of a Dog and a BugAuthor Pens Bestseller with the Help of a Dog and a Bug



Livingston, NJ, February 7, 2016 - Tracey Berkowitz’ life would change completely when her twin daughters begged for a puppy. She naturally assumed she’d be the one instilling all the obedience training and important lessons. She wasn’t expecting to be taught by him. Aside from children, he’d be the most significant teacher in her life and the inspiration for her #1 bestseller, Not My Buddy, One Woman, Her Dog and Their Journey Toward Healing. 

“Though I was never a dog person, at least as a child and young adult, I fell in love with a Golden Retriever, named Buddy, who changed my life by ‘gifting’ me with giardia. Okay, I’m being sarcastic. I wouldn’t exactly call the five year battle that nearly killed me and threatened to put my family into bankruptcy, end my marriage and render me an incapacitated mother of twin daughters a ‘gift,’ as in a special spa-day gift. However, I would say it was a great catalyst and opportunity to change many things that had contributed to my dis-ease.”

Not My Buddy is a whodunit medical mystery and a love story between one woman and the dog who restores her spirit while she fights her way back to health.  Berkowitz grew up in Long Island with loving and supportive parents who provided her and her sister with a nearly idyllic childhood. She was used to life going the way she always thought it should: college, marriage, motherhood with a healthy social life and a few ribbons to prove she’d actually run marathons once. Then one summer everything came to a crashing halt. Her picture perfect life was crumbling faster than a dog biscuit under a heavy heel. She looked horrible, felt horrible and had no idea why.

“Sometimes you come across a person who ‘gets it’. In life, the thought of living in pain and being robbed of your happiness is enemy #1. Tracey Berkowitz brilliantly inspires with her journey and ability to overcome, so you don’t feel crazy and alone,” says Justin Spencer, author of One Life, One Legacy

Over the course of five years, Tracey Berkowitz and her family spend more than $80,000 on a team of 16 health care professionals and, at one point, 132 pills per day, while they seek a diagnosis and treatment for this mysterious illness. Finally, her soul awakened - thanks to Buddy, her compromised immune system and a microscopic parasite called giardia.  She learned that her life’s purpose is to help others reclaim their health from the damage caused by parasites.

The book, which reached #1 on in January 2016, is available in paperback and eBook on, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. 

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and their journey toward healing

ISBN-13: 978-0990735502
Gemini Press
June 2015
246 pages


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