(Book Release) The BRIGHT SIDE of the MOON’ by Ginger Gilmour

(Book Release) The BRIGHT SIDE of the MOON’ by Ginger Gilmour

David Gilmour and Ginger Gilmour were married on a bright sunny day in England during the recordings of "Wish You Were Here". This book is a collection of stories told by Ginger Gilmour in her own words titled "Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon".

This book consists of 640 pages with 140 photographs as she walks us thru 90 individual chapters of her life ... glimpsing her heart as you meander down the hallways of her mansions, pausing & peeking inside a closet or two. A romantic journey that takes you to secret beach hideaways in the Greek Islands to a remote middle eastern village where the likes of Mick Jagger, and the Rolling Stones frolic in a hidden world unknown to fans. A life that crossed paths with George Harrison, Pete Townsend, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Timothy Leary, Bette Midler and Graham Nash with the list going on and on. Spending Family Christmas with Paul and Linda McCartney was looked forward to each year. Christmas carols by the log fire exchanging gifts, stories and dreams to come held us all in friendship then and in years to come.

In this book you will get to know Ginger Gilmour and her personal life. It will go beyond anything you have ever imagined and as truthful as her heart could bear. "This is one of the greatest stories ever told" says her editor Cathy Holmes. She insists Ginger needed no alterations or changes as the book unfolded one page after the other... effortlessly. "The process was an amazing event to watch." She chimes. There are those who think the book too personal but Ginger wanted people to know the real story of what those days were without being a tell-all.

Ginger has never remarried and carries on the Gilmour name with dignity. She has taught her children how to do the same. She remains close with her children who possess the qualities of both of their parents renown for their charity work and giving heart. This book is Ginger’s personal way of thanking David for such a wonderful adventure-filled life.

Ginger is available for print, radio, television and SKYPE interviews.
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