An Amazing New Novelist On The Rise!

An Amazing New Novelist On The Rise!


“Ultimate Destiny: Women Rise and Take Your Place!” By Joslyn McGhee Is Now Available At

July 9, 2015. “Ultimate Destiny: Women Rise and Take Your Place!” is a book created by budding novelist, Joslyn McGhee. It is now available for purchase at the most popular online shopping site

“Ultimate Destiny” is a novel that explores the possibility of the world being totally controlled by the new dominating gender: the female gender. It is all about the fall of long-time male superpowers and the emergence of women as the new bosses especially in major industries such as politics, economics, trade, health and media. In the novel, a group of powerful and wealthy women formed a secret alliance with millions of members all over the world. In every country, a key member was to run for political office to eventually gain control of the government. Soon the plans of the secret group were unmasked and it revealed that the wives and female companion of the three most powerful men in the world are leaders of the alliance. These women are out to seek revenge against their male counterparts and all the men in society.

“Ultimate Destiny” is a provocative, action-packed novel by Joslyn McGhee. For orders, visit the book’s official site.

About the Author:
Joslyn McGhee Johnson is the eight of eleven children born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. Her close family bond and ties with her sibling has made her a strong and inspired professional despite growing in a neighborhood embattled with drugs and violence. Joslyn has a Master Degree in Social Work from LSU and owns an Administrative/ Notary Business. Known for her ability to lay back and listen while observing people from all different walks of life share stories, she likes to develop and integrate these stories into realistic fiction. “Ultimate Destiny” is the result of her humorous and sometimes terrifying take on life and a reflection of life for women.

Ultimate Destiny: Women Rise and Take Your Place

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Joslyn McGhee Johnson

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