‘12 Days of Christmas Science for Kids’ – A Fun Guide to Science Activities is a Top Hit On iPublisher News

‘12 Days of Christmas Science for Kids’ – A Fun Guide to Science Activities is a Top Hit On iPublisher News

Independent Publisher News has listed the top indie books on Amazon and Smashwords for December 8 – 14, 2014.
Independent Publisher News is an online platform dedicated to supporting independent authors and publishing houses. It is the perfect place for indie authors and publishing houses to distribute their news about their latest releases, and reach avid readers who are constantly looking for the next best thing. The site promotes quality above all, and all books are screened to ensure they have a professional cover, and they are professionally edited. Only books that are created in an appealing manner and provide quality content make it to the site’s news feed.

This week, ‘Rommies’ by Lindy Zart is at the top of the Fiction category. This sweet romantic comedy became a USA Today bestseller soon after its release, and for good reason. It is the story of a young, clueless girl, Kennedy, who is hopelessly in love with her hot roommate, Graham Malone. Things get even more complicated for her when Graham’s brother, Blake, shows interest in her. The problem is that Blake is the exact opposite of Graham. While Graham is a beautiful person inside and out, Blake has a dark personality that equally intrigues and scares Kennedy. The fact that they both like her doesn’t help at all, as Kennedy will eventually have to make a choice. ‘Rommies’ is a compelling, enjoyable read that will make readers of all ages laugh out loud.

‘Clean Food Diet’ by Jonathan Vine has made it to the top of the Non-Fiction category. This is the fourth book in the author’s ‘Special Diet Cookbooks & Vegetarian Recipes Collection’, and it focuses on clean eating and how this change can improve anyone’s health and lifestyle. Despite the fact that clean eating can prove to be a challenge, given the amount of processed foods on the market, the author insists that it is worth it. In the first part of his book, Jonathan Vine tells his readers what clean eating really is, what they can eat once they decide to keep this diet, and how they must prepare their meals. Then, the book offers 50 simple recipes that can help anyone make the switch to the clean eating lifestyle. The list of recipes contains appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts.

This week’s top book in the Children’s Books category is ‘My Grandpa is NOT Grumpy’, written by Kally Mayer and illustrated by Mindy Liang. This is a funny rhyming picture book that is perfect for beginner readers. It is suitable for ages 2-8, but parents and grandparents will also enjoy it greatly. It tells the story of a little girl who is trying to convince everyone that her Grandpa is not grumpy. In order to do so, she talks about the games they play together, the things she has learned from him, and the challenges that Grandpa has to face at his old age. This book is both fun and educational, as it encourages children to spend more time with their grandparents. Children will learn to be understanding and ready to help them with the little things they need that require too much effort. ‘My Grandpa is NOT Grumpy’ is the perfect bedtime story.

‘His Secretary: Undone’ by Melanie Marchande is at the top of the Erotic Romance list. This New York Times bestseller is a billionaire romance that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The premise of this sweet, romantic story is clever and original: Megan finds out that the real author of the steamy romance novels she loves so much is none other than her own boss, Adrian. Things wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t hate the guy. Megan is absolutely convinced he is the worst boss ever, no matter how hot and rich he is. Now, if she wants to keep her job, she’ll have to help him keep his identity secret by impersonating the romance author Natalie McBride at a series of book signings and conventions. It’s easy to see why ‘His Secretary: Undone’ is a real page-turner.
The #1 bestseller on Smashwords is ‘12 Days of Christmas Science for Kids’ by Emma Vanstone. Author Emma Vanstone is the creator of the website Science Sparks (www.science-sparks.com), which focuses on simple science projects parents can do with their children. Because children are naturally curious and excited about everything new, the author decided to suggest parents a couple of fun activities that can keep them and their little ones busy and active during the winter holiday. ‘12 Days of Christmas Science for Kids’ contains some brilliant ideas that are very easy to put into practice. Children will learn how to make Christmas Shadow Puppets, Christmas Lava Lamps, a Gingerbread House, and lots of Ice Decorations. All these projects are safe, and their aim is to develop children’s skills and creativity.
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