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B2B Sales Appointment setting Lead Gen Book Cancelled by RDIbizdev 5
"The Home Sushi Master” eBook Delights With Chefs and Home Cooks Alike 8
Rockos Announce the Release of Children's Book Series, the Furry Adventures and Tales of Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo 75
Now There’s Hope For Those Who Cannot Eat Pasta 17
Groove Your Move is a ground breaking book from EvoSwing Golf designed to help you improve consistency, sharpen your mental game and practice with purpose. 21
The Power Primer from EvoSwing Golf is your source for successfully applying more distance to all your golf shots. 22
New Collection La Torre de Ojai/The Tower of Ojai and Other Cuban Tales Published by Outskirts Press 19
Firsthand Evidence that Mother Nature Herself Can Heal: Dare to Ask Why Published by Outskirts Press 20
New Christian Self-help Book: Dark Night Experience: Survive, Revive and Thrive from Outskirts Press 18
The Bible’s Messages of Love and Healing: Aha Moments in the Bible Published by Outskirts Press 20
Tales of Boy with Down Syndrome Who “Just Does It!”: Who's The Slow Learner? from Outskirts Press 36
Child of Roaring Twenties Survives Bloody Battle of Okinawa: Destiny Published by Outskirts Press 20
Poet Shows that Laughter Is Best Antidote for Aging: Body Language Published by Outskirts Press 19
Step Forward America! Presents a National Service Program Geared Toward Restoring America’s Glory 14
Epic Trials of Queen and Her Three Daughters: The Children of Fardragon Published by Outskirts Press 14
New, Interactive Parenting Guide Learning to LIVE LIKE A LEADER Published by Outskirts Press 14
Female Chief Detective Brings about Clever Justice: The Murder on the Mall from Outskirts Press 16
Two Greedy Morticians Learn How to Supplant Their Income: Outskirts Press Publishes Gold from Hell 15
God’s “Adoption Plan” Offers Redemption for Man: The COVENANT BOOK Published by Outskirts Press 15
A Portal Closes, Trapping Family on Hellish Plane: Joshua Steele Published by Outskirts Press 13
New Dementia Caregiver’s Guide: You Are Not Alone (Even if You Think You Are) from Outskirts Press 14
Taking Delight in the Person One Already Is: You Are Worth It Published by Outskirts Press 16
On the Cusp of Eternity: Understanding the Last Days of His-Story Published by Outskirts Press 13
A Practical Guide to The Interior Castle of Teresa of Avila: Outskirts Press Publishes Love Beckons 14
Island Sanctuary Becomes Focal Point for Fear: The Secrets of Tucker's Island from Outskirts Press 16
New Evangelical Work, From Fear to Love: The Process of Salvation, Published by Outskirts Press 17
Vet’s Quest for Aztec Pyramid and the Crown of Knowledge: Windfalling Published by Outskirts Press 15
Relationships Made on a Journey through Life: The Heart of a Poet Published by Outskirts Press 15
Heroin Takes Its Toll on Family: Growing Up Too Fast, Dying Too Young Published by Outskirts Press 16
Family Dysfunction and Abuse Growing Up in the Sixties: Song on a Hill Published by Outskirts Press 17
New Collection of Real Life Tales from Dynamic Women: Secret Circle of Women from Outskirts Press 16
A Little Girl with a Big Imagination and a Ton of Toys: MAGGIE Published by Outskirts Press 15
In Post-Romantic Stress Disorder: John Bradshaw Offers A Program To Help Couples Rekindle Love And Keep Their Marriage Intact 16
A Ghostly Grave: A Ghostly Southern Mystery by USA Today Bestselling author Tonya Kappes; On Sale March 31st, 2015 36
Zharmae Releases The First Book in a New Epic Fantasy Cycle 24
18 Years as Henry Mancini Lead Trumpeter: Two for the Road: The Trumpet and Me from Outskirts Press 22
The Sweet Spot from EvoSwing Golf is a great book to help you improve the quality of your golf. 22
Winning The Game: How To Become A Game Changer Is Exceptional Creation Of Race Cummings 19
The Secret Art Of Talking To G-D, Book Launch April 15th, 2015 18
New Book “The Bully Blue Print” Launched To Provide A Comprehensive Insight Into Disasters Of Bullying 21
Juice Cleanse: Juice Cleanse & Smoothie Blender Recipes, Speedy Publishing's New Cookbooks, Food & Wine Book Published 45
Click – A Lucky Man’s Story of Triumph over a Negative Past. 56
Dr. John Anderson Releases New Book Eliminate Your Headaches in Less than 30 Days 51
‘Tales From Old Toad Island’ by Sheila Carnegie #1 on Best Seller List 51
Gaffer Power Moves to Best Selling Gaffer Tape on Amazon 51
Romance Story Site Welcomes Indie Authors and Publishers 62
Groundbreaking Book on Discipleship Published: The 7 Habits of Jesus 52
Previews of The Wraith of Carter’s Mill Series Announced by Author C. Evenfall 50
Detective Mystery Novel Entered Into Readers' Favorite Monthly Book Giveaway 50