New diagnostic tool for fuel tanks

/ PRBuzz / May 24, 2011 - - Any fuel tank is vulnerable to getting water into it. For in ground tanks rain during receiving fuel and leaky fill plates on the ground surface (usually the parking lot) are the most common culprit.

By far the most common cause of contaminated boat tanks are deck fill caps that leak or are loose.

Tank vents and fuel gauge sending units are other points where water can enter the system.

At fuel dispensing companies dipping or measuring the amount of fuel in the tank common practice is to apply a paste specifically designed to turn color with the presence of water, if the water paste is not used and water is not recognized. Then the next one to find out there is water in the fuel may be the operator of the engine after the water is now gone from the dispensing source to the vehicle fuel tank then on to the engine to cause massive damage.

To find water in a fuel tank via engine failure is not wise so Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has develop a line of sensors to detect water at the tank bottom before if get dispensed or for installation in water separators to alarm the user of water presence.

The Dieselcraft Model 06-5 and 06-6SP Sensors are a solid state sending unit and a self grounding stainless steel probe. The Model 06-5 unit is designed specifically to detect water in diesel fuel and gasoline but will also detect water in fluids with less conductive than water. The 06-6SP is supplied with an addition output lead to use with a PCLcontrol to send an alarm to shut down the equipment.

The ABSelectronic enclosure houses two LED lights, the Green LED light indicates the sensor has power and is ready to work. The larger Red LED will come on and stay on when water is detected in the 06 Series. The unit also incorporates an audible alarm. This buzzer will sound for 5 seconds to bring attention to the water detected.

The new Model FWS-HH portable water detector is a hand held unit that can be used in conjunction with the tank dipping process. When attached to the dipping rod no paste is needed. Turn it on, dip it and if water is at the tank bottom the alarm sounds. The demonstration video can be seen on the company web page.

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