POE 3.1 Elementalist Witch Build Guide | Guardians/Red Map Elder + Guardians

POE 3.1 Elementalist Witch Build Guide | Guardians/Red Map Elder + Guardians

Are you currently much like me and felt such as the nerfs to Mjolner created a void that may 't be replaced inside you? and do you know how to pick the best build for POE 3.1? Well, you are in right place now, I will show you a wonderful Elementalist Witch Build. Then you will find it's easy to start with Elementalist Witch.

Video Guides:

Minotaur Run with DPS setup (Breach spawned on mine so that you can begin to see the healing power this build): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSQeqCKpovM

Full Minotaur run with regular mapping setup (to compare): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aAHYk7HkwQ

Is going to be adding more in the future...

And a good place to get more Path of Exile currency: https://www.r4pg.com/path-of-exile

Passive Skill Tree: http://bit.ly/2E5UEf9

Uniques And Their Purpose:

Mjolner: The pillar of the build. Casts discharge and arc/ball lightning in a rapid pace.

Romira's Banquet: Combined with Resolute Technique, this ring generates all of your power charges on every hit (including individuals from spells!) to be able to continually be capped on charges.

Voll's Devotion: This is the way you generate infinite endurance charges. Whenever a power charge is consumed by discharge, you receive all of them back as endurance charges.

Golden Rule: Enables you to definitely reflect bleeds you cause onto yourself. Since we are using molten strike to proc things, you are only dealing really small bleeds to yourself which you'll easily outregen on the top of bloodstream rage.

The Red Trail: The reasons you have to bleed. Produce a craze charge on hit while bleeding enables for conspiracy charges.

Kingsguard: This is when 60% of the healing originates from. With this particular build you will get back 500 existence any time you discharge, that is about 2000 existence per second. Maybe a bit more.

Gem Links: 

Molten Strike -> Faster Attacks -> Multistrike -> Opportunity to Bleed -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Existence Acquired On Hit

Immortal Call -> Arcane Surge (Appropriate level for that mana cost) -> Faster Casting -> Effectiveness -> Elevated Duration -> Empower (Optional)

This really is in your swap. If you have endurance charges up, self-cast this immortal call and swap to Mjolner. Enjoy 35  seconds of Arcane Surge.

Discharge -> Controlled Destruction -> Arc

replace Arc by Concentrated Effect for Guardians.

Leap Slam -> Wild Strike -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

During bosses, use Wild Strike to use fortify and gain 25% available to all components from Elementalist. During mapping, you may also cast Wild Strike every ten seconds to maintain the transmission.

Cast When Damage Taken -> Bloodstream Rage -> Immortal Call -> Elevated Duration

The jewel levels are whenever you want.

Blasphemy -> Elemental Weakness -> Wrath -> Ancestral Protector

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 20) -> Summon Lightning Golem -> Summon Flame Golem

Replace lightning golem with Righteous Fire for Guardians.

Do remember to find more Path of Exile Guides/Farming/Builds here: https://www.r4pg.com/poe-guides, if you want to find more fun in Path of Exile, you need to learn more about this game, and R4PG.com would be a very nice website for Path of Exile players!

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