The Ideal Christmas Gift for the Family

The Ideal Christmas Gift for the Family The Ideal Christmas Gift for the Family The Ideal Christmas Gift for the Family

Travelling in cars has become a part of everyday life and so car safety has become extremely important. There is nothing more beautiful than giving thoughtful safety gifts, such as a safety hammer car window breaker, that can prepare and protect your loved ones in an emergency vehicle situation.

SafeTHammer’s car safety hammer is a reliable lifesaving tool that can save your family in times of a vehicle crisis and allow them to escape when stuck inside a car. As it is both a car window breaker and a seatbelt cutter, it is a must have safety tool in every vehicle.

A retired cop has said:

“As a retired cop who has had to cut seatbelts and break glass, this is my go to tool for all of our cars. Fire Chief brother-in-law says it should be able to do the job if needed.”

This is a unique safety device as it provides both a window breaker and a seatbelt cutter in the one tool. The strength of the metal allows car windows to be broken efficiently and the sharp blade allows seatbelts to be cut easily.  

Every package comes with two devices so that they can be used in multiple cars to ensure safety for the whole family.

“I have one now in my cars and gave one to the members of my family. In case of an emergency, is ready to use it. It is very to be prevented and it doesn't cost too much. Why not to have it? You never know when little things like this product can save your life.”

The best gift that can be given: Safety.

Grab one today and give a thoughtful gift these holidays. Available for purchase on Amazon now!

SafeTHammer is a manufacturer of superior car safety hammer emergency escape tool. The product exists to provide safety and peace of mind while driving. Customers can enjoy driving with less risk and more comfort.

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