Find Ducati Panigale 959 Reviews at Thrust Zone

Find Ducati Panigale 959 Reviews at Thrust Zone

Thrust Zone comprehensively covers news, reviews, comparisons and photos of dope scooters, motorcycles and cars for fans across the globe. Their mission is to define words like unbiased, honesty, detailed, comprehensive and other broadly utilized words in the automotive field in a whole new meaning, as they give readers the real deal that they all deserve. Those looking to find the latest on car news, as well as motorcycle news are sure to appreciate Thrust Zone.

Mohit Soni said, “Thrust Zone is run by three individuals, I, Dr. Anand Krishnamurthy and Taher Vakharia. We all are very passionate about motorcycles. Dr. Anand Krishnamurthy is an expert in long haul motocycle touring. He’s the Road Safety Officer for Mumbai Chapter Seven Islands Harleys Owner Group, and successfully finished the BIG 5 Challenge of HD India in 2015 that featured touring five different zonal locations in India, including Delhi, Aurangabad, Cochin, Kolkata, Goa and Chandigarh within a one-year span. Anand has incredible tips and knowledge on HD and other touring bikes, road safety, appropriate riding gear, bike customization and more. Taher Vakharia is an IT engineer and serves as our road tester for cars and motorcycles.”

Like never before, Honda motorcycles are doing well, thanks to the unique strategy in their 150/160cc segment. Honda launched the Unicorn 160, which was later followed by the Hornet 160R, a sportier model of the motorcycle. In 2016, during their Auto Expo, Honda relaunched the bike, once more commanding a following from fans. Thrust Zone boasts of being the first guys to publish this report along with other details and price. Motorcycle lovers looking for new Honda Hornet 160R price or any other specifications like displacement, torque, transmissions, power or dimensions are sure to find a detailed report at Thrust Zone’s online platform.

Mohit Soni added, “I spent over five years in the Indian automotive industry, exploring it, learning everything I could about it, and specially understanding motorcycles. I have an incredible appreciation for naked motorbikes, and have owed a Pulsar 200 DTSI, Pulsar 135 and a KTM Duke 390. Holding a bureaucrat license for 10 years, no day has passed without me driving or riding anything at my disposal. My goal is to be at the track. I have an aspiration of becoming a motorcycle racer, and is what has brought me here today; a diehard fanatic of motorcycles, secret admirer of cars and a scooter luster as my number one sin.”

The Ducati Panigale 959 features a docile engine, highly functional electronics and a eye-catching designs that sets it apart from the rest. Its unique aesthetics makes it the center of endless attention. Besides, the motorcycle has superlative chassis, engine, brakes; comfortable seat, and ample legroom and a fantastic quality all round. Thrust Zone offers a comprehensive Ducati Panigale 959 review, inclusive of its styling, ergonomics, speedo & switches, gearbox, electronics, engine, ride, handling and their expert verdict.

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