North Center Auto Service in Chicago Is Offering an Oil Change and Tire Rotation for Only $29.99

North Center Auto Service encourages drivers to keep up with their vehicle maintenance. Auto owners can get an oil change and tire rotation for just $29.99.


Chicago, IL - October 1, 2017 - North Center Auto Service is pleased to announce that motorists can come in and get an oil change and tire rotation for only $29.99.

The importance of regular oil changes shouldn't be overlooked.  Drivers need to take care of this important maintenance service every 5,000 miles, or about every four to six months.  Drivers can consult their owner's manual for more specifics on their particular make and model.  Periodically replenishing the oil clears pollutants from the car's system and cuts down on friction by lubricating the engine.  Routine oil changes extend a vehicle's lifespan and promote optimal gas mileage.  While changing the oil, an auto technician can also inspect under the hood to make sure hoses and belts are in good repair.

Auto industry leaders recommend having oil changes and tire rotations done at the same time.  Tire threads wear more evenly when tires are rotated regularly.  On front-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles, the front tires work harder than the rear tires do.  Since the engine and transmission are usually mounted over the front axle, the front tires carry a heavier load.  Braking, powering and steering add to front tire wear and tear.  On rear-wheel-drive cars, the back tires have to bear more weight than they do on other vehicles, but the front tires still carry a considerable burden.  Regular tire rotations help balance the workload.  

Keeping up with routine maintenance ensures that cars run at their best and allows for safer driving.  To learn more about services and special offers available at North Center Auto Service, visit  Members of the press and others who have questions about the details of this press release can contact the business through their website, or using the following information:

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