North Center Auto Service in Chicago Offering An Oil Change and Tire Rotation For Only $29.95

Taking good care of your car starts with a $29.95 oil change and tire rotation at North Center Auto Service.


Chicago, IL – September 1, 2017 - There are not many places you can go these days and get a full oil change and tire rotation for under $30. Even if you do an oil change yourself, the cost of the supplies and materials these days will likely cost you more than $30. There is good news, though, and it starts with coming down to North Center Auto Service in Chicago. Come down today and receive a full oil change and tire rotation for only $29.95. 

The Importance Of Regular Oil Changes And Tire Rotations

North Center Auto Service sees firsthand all the time what happens when people don't get regular oil changes. First and foremost, it leads to a car's engine not maintaining the proper lubrication it needs to function properly. Without proper lubrication, the parts under the hood will wear down significantly faster than they would if a car had regular oil changes. In fact, your engine could blow up if you don't get the oil changed according to the recommended schedule found in your owner's manual. 

Another reason you should take advantage of North Center Auto Service's $29.95 oil change and tire rotation is that you can improve your car's overall average fuel mileage. That's right! You can get better gas mileage. Regular oil changes also remove sludge from your car's engine, meaning it will run smoother and corrosion within the engine will be significantly reduced. Tire rotations are of the utmost importance because this ensures the wear and tear on your tires is taking place evenly. When wear and tear do not take place this way, it can lead to dangerous driving conditions, increasing the odds of a blowout.

Owning a car is going to require time and money, but you don't have to be fooled into paying ridiculous prices for an oil change and tire rotation. Instead, you can come down to North Center Auto Service and take advantage of our $29.95 special. Visit us today to learn more about our affordable auto services. 

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