North Center Auto Service in Chicago Offers Battery Service/Replacement Service

Car batteries have a way of giving out at the most inconvenient times. Qualified technicians at North Center Auto Service can repair a failing battery or replace it altogether if it can't be salvaged.


Chicago, IL - August 1, 2017 - North Center Auto Service is pleased to announce that they offer battery repair and replacement services to help drivers keep their vehicles in optimal condition.

A battery can stop working at any time.  Having it inspected every six months can help catch potential problems before it gives out completely.  The qualified auto repair technicians at North Center Auto Service can test your battery to determine whether it's able to hold a charge.  They'll also clean up any corrosion around it so it can operate as efficiently as possible.  Our auto care professionals will usually inspect the alternator drive belt, too, in case it needs to be replaced or adjusted.  If it is slipping, it can damage the battery.

If any of the battery's terminals or cable ends are loose or damaged, it may not be able to hold a full charge, compromising the vehicle's performance.  Since the battery provides power to a car's electrical components, the whole system could eventually shut down.

The end of summer is a good time to have batteries serviced, because colder weather is on the way.  Starting a vehicle in frigid temperatures puts considerable strain on the battery, so having one that's in good condition is crucial to keep cars running at their best throughout the winter months.

Sometimes a failing battery is beyond repair.  Our auto repair technicians are knowledgeable about all makes and models, so if a replacement battery is necessary, they'll be able to identify the right new battery for your vehicle.  Staying up-to-date on battery inspections and other maintenance services allows for safer driving and extends the life of the vehicle.

Contact Information:

North Center Auto Service

3455 N. Western Ave

Chicago, IL, 60168



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