Want to feel rich this weekend? Rent a Lamborghini in Miami from Vice City VIP

Want to feel rich this weekend? Rent a Lamborghini in Miami from Vice City VIP

We all know that you can rent cars at Enterprise and Hertz. But what if you want something a little sexier than a Toyota Camry?

Thanks to Vice City VIP, you can rent a Lamborghini, BMW or even a Rolls Royce for the day.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of pulling up to the BK’ drive-through in a snazzy, tricked-out Mercedes and ordering five french fries. Just me? OK.

Vice City VIP already has a tagline: “Why drive one when you can drive them all?” But personally, I feel like their tagline should simply be: “YOLO.”


Here are some answers to common questions:

How much lead time is needed to reserve a vehicle? Can you reserve a vehicle the day of?

Vice City VIP: We typically require reservations to be made at least 24 hours in advance. However, we do have same-day reservations available for select vehicles.


How much should people expect to spend?

Everette: Rates range from $350-$4,500 per day.

Can vehicles be rented by the hour?

Vice City VIP: We have daily, weekly and monthly reservations available for all Exotic Car Rentals Miami.

(We also offer hourly reservations (but this option is only available with a driver).

What’s the most popular vehicle you rent?

Vice City VIP: Our most popular vehicle is our Lamborghini rental Miami, as well as our Ferrari rentals Miami even our Rolls Royce rentals Miami, have become pretty popular amongst the hip hop culture. for corporate clients our Bentley Flying Spur & Mercedes Maybach.

To find out more about the best Exotic Car Rental Agency in Miami you can visit Vice City VIP at the following website & or contact them on the following phone number provided below.



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