Vehicle Branding

Some people don't know the value of vehicle branding; this has not made them attach value to it. Graphics experts have corrected that impression and made it clear based on their research that, vehicle branding (vehicle graphics) is an excellent advertising medium that does not have downsides.

However, if you take your time to study most wraps on the road, you will be thinking to design a simple easy to understand graphics is hard to comprehend. It is not, but you need to study the basics before you can learn the fundamentals and process of building a good and communicative wrap. You can also choose to do a research about graphics expert's views you will end up getting a brilliant result and experience at the end.


Since branding has over time become so popular, it has increased the rate at which people buy cars specifically for vehicle graphics. Let us take a look at what vehicle graphics has to offer before we can answer the question of; are vehicle graphics useful in branding?

In the modern society of today, the artwork may prove to be outstanding, but the premise remains the same. If you already have a website and a sales team for your business. Don't you think it will be of great benefit to have a fleet of vehicles providing 24/7 advertising?

According to research conducted by Arbitron, out of 100% of adults in a community, 70% of them take note of roadside billboards, which connotes that people pay more attention to images and graphics used in advertising campaigns. Based on these findings, you can imagine if a mobile billboard travels all around the country your company will apparently become more known for thousands of new prospects. Imagine what this could do to your branding identity. In other to be fair, let us see if the question (Are Vehicle Graphics Effective in Branding?) will be answered perfectly from the advantages and disadvantages we will be explaining and which is better.


Start with A Great Brand: number one reason why most wraps fail from marketing is that the business has a weak brand logo and identity. Starting with an inferior brand shows that your company has failed even before you start, thereby except you have a national recognition your business may be lagging behind. A brightly colored attention grabbing vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out from other cars on the road. Passing drivers and road users don't find a reason to have a look on a white van passing on the road, but everybody will notice a well-designed vehicle wrap.

Improves brand awareness: having a company with your business logo design roaming around the nation helps to increase your popularity and creates awareness. We all know that customers love to stick with what they like to see regularly. For example, someone who finds your products today and does not need it at the moment or does not value it may recommend it to a neighbor or someone in dire need of it.

Cost Effective: vehicle branding is cost effective because you will not have to do a constant change of the branding wrap and this makes it the most cost-effective form of marketing. All that matters is to ensure your vehicle is under regular maintenance, and that’s more or less it.

Increased Trust: displaying your company logo and services on a vehicle for the world to see is a sign to show that you are a serious and established organization to trust. A well-branded business car helps prospects understands that you are very active in your industry and you take it seriously. 

Not an aggressive way of advertising: unlike other noisy advertising techniques like radio ads or print ads that interrupt a person's reading. Vehicle wraps gains people attention without disturbances. Potential customers can easily see and read your message without significant distraction from what they are doing.

Showing authority: Having a branded vehicle for your business also ensure most customers are of the assumption that you know more about your industry than they do. Due to this, they will always be eager to hear you at the same time have respect for your knowledge.


In reality, the following explanation will let you know the other sides of vehicle graphics, but you will not take note except for those that are into the industry.

Tracking ROI: Measuring the ROI of the branding advertisement industry can be challenging most especially for the fact that all advertisers believe that vehicle branding ROI is impressive. But the fact remains that even though vehicle branding is a good idea, you can't calculate or determine the numbers of sales that the branding has brought each time people see it.

Branded cars need to always be in good shape: you cannot afford to keep a branded car in a weak or faulty condition as this will in no way help your business to grow. More so, you can't as well put decals on vehicles that are damaged or rusted. Also, we need to take note that vinyl wraps are used for vehicle graphics but not useful on repainted vehicles, and if you place covers on dent or repainted vehicles the result will not be encouraging, and you won't be impressed with the results.


Are Vehicle Graphics Effective in Branding?

Based on the analysis explained above, you should always consider branding as part of your company's marketing strategy as the advantage of using it is far more than the disadvantages.  Targeting indoor prospects is easier done with websites and blog and does not in any way affect nor disturb your competitor as both of you are not in any way competing for space to advertise your products. If you thought of standing out from your competitors that you both offer the same services together, consider a vehicle wrap, it is a good idea, and it will help your business to grow.

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