Miami Drivers Praise Roadside Assistance App TowingUp for Delivering Quick and Reliable One Click Towing Service

Many drivers have been left with car trouble on the road, without any clue of what to do next.  In Miami, Florida more prepared drivers have pointed towards the TowingUp app as being a great cost and time effective roadside assistance solution, that can be depended on without fail.

June 16, 2017

Most drivers agree, there's few worse feeling than being stranded with car trouble wondering “Where's a good towing service near me?”  Fortunately, a new iOS and Android app answers this question in a fast and price conscious way, TowingUp.  Active throughout Florida, Miami residents in particular have praised the app for delivering one click towing service helping turn big problems into minor inconveniences.  There's no surprise their number of users is growing at a rapid pace.

“Finding towing in your area isn't always as easy as it should be, especially for someone who may do some driving at night or in more rural areas,”  commented a spokesperson from TowingUp.  “We are happy to provide a one click solution to that problem, great for a tow, to help fix a flat and any other type of roadside assistance a person could think of.”

According to the company, TowingUp is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.  Using it is simple.  Contact TowingUp, let the company know what's wrong, secure payment and an expert arrives quickly and efficiently gets the driver back on the road.  Emphasis is placed on the quality of experts available, keeping price points low and always having user safety first in mind.

Reviews from Miami drivers has been passionate.

Kelly S., from Miami Beach, recently said, “I only had TowingUp installed on my phone, following my boyfriend's good advice for a week before I needed to use it.  They had a tow truck to me fast, who did a great job and made sure I was okay.  First class roadside assistance.  Five stars all the way.”

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