Vice City VIP Announces new Plans for late in Q4 of 2017

Sunday, June 4th, 2017, Vice City VIP just announced on their website upcoming plans & changes to their business model. 

According to their recent post, they will be converting to a members only club and will be offering services such and yacht charters and vacation rentals as well as all-inclusive members-only VIP black card. This is good news for one of the best car rentals companies in Miami Florida. 

Vice City VIP has an exclusive Client list of Celebrities and sports players. Which is why The NFL amongst other businesses have opted to use Vice City VIP. Vice City VIP offers tailored luxury services to the affluent gentleman. According to Mr. Carmine which is the owner of Vice City VIP during our interview with him, they have decided to tailor their services to a limited handful of members who are able to pass their qualifications. We asked what their qualifications were but they were not able to release their requirements to the public. however, they did tell me 1 of their requirements was in fact that the person applying must have an annual income of over 100k. According to Vice City VIP, this is due to the fact that there is a major risk factor involved when dealing with lower class individuals. Vice City VIP also stated that there are in fact other dealers in Miami who have no choice than to rent to whoever comes to them but not Vice City VIP. According to Vice City, they are not a charity and that they offer exclusive services for affluent individuals and if the consumer is not fit & or qualify for the services they provide that they will deny their application plain and simple.

For more information please visit Vice City VIP

Phone 786-766-9072

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