Lincoln Park Michigan Auto Pros Offer 10% Discount On Every Service

Lincoln Park Michigan – March 21, 2017, Lincoln Park Michigan is known for its rural suburban feel and community. The Auto Mechanics at Lincoln Park Michigan Auto Pros are a reliable addition to the community offering quality and affordable auto service mechanic solutions. The Company is offering a 10% discount on all services for a limited time.

There are different types of auto mechanic shops out there, and not all offer the same quality of work. The best way to find an auto mechanic shops is often word of mouth, and reviews online.  Attitude is incredibly important. An auto mechanic, who doesn’t have the latest education about newer cars and all of the computerized systems in them, won’t provide the highest level of service.

Michigan Auto Pros work on a vast array of make and models including European cars. The Company proudly offers a full range of services with the 10% discount that include:

·         Transmission

·         Steering and Suspension

·         Tire and Wheel Service

·         Starting, Charging and Batteries

·         Glass Replacement & Repair

·         Exhaust System

·         Engine Related Issues (Including Diesel)

·         Electrical and Electronic System

·         Cooling System and Climate Control

·         Brake System & Repair

·         Auto Body and Collision Repair

Michigan Auto Pros work with warranty issues as well as recalls. As long as car manufacturers report the recall; and inform owners of the vehicles as they are required to do by law, it is up to the consumer to take advantage of the recall and have their automobile fixed. 

Millions of Americans each year take their cars to the mechanic for a basic repair, or even a major one, assuming something went wrong, and they simply need to fix it. Unfortunately, many of these individuals never check to see if the problem was due to a recall and end up paying for a repair that might be free or discounted by the automobile manufacturer. Armed with this knowledge, Michigan Auto Pros request that the next time a vehicle has even the slightest problem, to make sure owners check and see if the car has been recalled for similar problems and if they can get free repairs or discounted ones at the least. It is certainly worth checking out and could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

The 10% discount on all services requires mention of this Press Release announcement or website visit. People need only to request it- as seen online. Learn more by visiting

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