Houston’ OKIE Inc Emerges as the First Name in Auto Parts and Healthcare Courier Service

Houston, Texas — It’s a fact that Houston requires a world-class courier and business transport service. The city is bustling with a multitude of businesses, especially for auto parts delivery, with loads of packages to be sent to and fro various points every day. OKIE Inc, a professional courier service for business and hot shot delivery, has emerged as a professional solution for Houston’s courier challenges in a short span of time.

It is in Houston that the demand for on-time, hassle-free and professional courier delivery is high, with no room for laxity. OKIE Inc, a top auto part delivery service and healthcare product service, offers all of this and more, with cargo vans with secured tie-downs for safety, moving blankets to prevent any damage to goods, and a highly supportive customer service to back up all operations.

Houston often faces delays in auto parts delivery, which leads to challenges in moving cars out of auto shops. OKIE Inc has stepped in to resolve this issue with timely deliveries between dealerships and repair shops. The company has also earmarked specific routes for auto dealers, hospitals, private practice doctor’s offices, banks, government offices and commercial real estate offices.
Another big demand in Houston is for hot shot services, which require packages to be shipped immediately and with safety. OKIE Inc offers hot shot services to all such businesses in Houston. The company also hauls big loads with its fleet of brand new 18 wheelers, serving cross town loads, factory to store, door to loading dock, port services and more. All of its drives are monitored with controlled speed limits.
Starting from Houston, OKIE Inc has also extended its services to Sugarland, Meyerland, The woodlands, Conroe, Humble, and occasionally Dallas, Texas, depending on workload. The company is now a leading name for its expertise in delivering auto parts to dealerships, mechanic shops and other places, as well as for healthcare delivery services to doctor offices and hospitals.
“Our logistic experience, our transferable transporting skills and our ability to make your customers satisfaction our number goal is what set us apart from others,” said the company’s representative.
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