X-Concepts AutoSpa Delivers the Best Auto Detailing in Dubai with Best Tyre and Leather Repair Offers

X-Concepts AutoSpa Delivers the Best Auto Detailing in Dubai with Best Tyre and Leather Repair Offers

X-Concepts AutoSpa offers a range of premium quality GYEON products which have been extensively tested to satisfy the needs of car detailing enthusiasts, as well as the tough requirements of professionals. It is their mission to deliver the most technologically advanced products, at a very competitive price. At X-Concepts AutoSpa, rejuvenating their client's loved and pampered car using exclusive products and state of the art technologies is their business.

As part of an interview, their Outreach Manager asserted, “We are not a car shampoo polish shop. Instead, we are an auto boutique detailing studio in Dubai . We ensure your vehicle is lavishly polished, pampered and minutely detailed thoroughly with exclusive products and tools using a true multi-step approach. All auto protective coatings created by GYEON are based on SiO2, which is a guarantee for exceptional resistance to chemicals of pH 2-11, as well as to other harmful substances present on the roads and in the atmosphere.”

They assert that just 30ml of quartz coating is equivalent to a year’s worth of car protection, and most of the maintenance products such as Q2M IRON or Q2M CURE are exceptional concentrated and great value-for-money. Proper application is crucial to achieving good results; therefore their products combine the sophistication of technology with the simplicity of use. Furthermore, each of them is equipped with an illustrated manual. One of the primary reasons behind carrying out an auto-detailing treatment is to ensure the surface is protected, and also to enhance of vehicle’s looks. GYEON blends exceptional durability with visual effects that usually overshadow what natural waxes can do.

“Q2 PRIME is a superior ceramic automotive paint coating, which not only leads to high durability but also excellent hydrophobic properties. Unlike some other coatings, Q2 PRIME delivers an incredible clarity to the cured coat due to its high content of SIO2, which is significantly more than 50%. It is also resistant to any chemical with a pH value of between 2 and 11. Further, very harsh acids and alkalis have little effect on this coating.” The Outreach Manager continued.

Their Q2 DURABEAD brand is a professional set of ceramic automotive coatings for paint, dedicated to authorized detailers only. Containing their hardest Q2 MOHS coating and Q2 BEAD top coating, it ensures the highest quality and an incomparable superhydrophobic coating that is probably the most durable in the world. They provide a coating solution for the whole car giving it a protection that lasts for years and not weeks. They give a thorough attention to detail approach while achieving optimum results. Their leather repair offers in Dubai are not only smart but permanent. They deliver innovative solutions using latest tools and state of the art technologies in the least possible time.

About X-Concepts AutoSpa

X-Concepts AutoSpa is a boutique detailing studio offering exclusive GYEON Ceramic Quartz Coatings. They spare no expense and make sure their client's loved, and pampered car gets the treatment it deserves. They offer professional advice in choosing the right brand of tyres in Dubai at best possible prices. They have state of the art equipment necessary to deliver optimum accuracy. They are the best tyre shop in Dubai.


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