Electron, the Electric Vehicle that Charges in Just 6 Minutes

Electron, the Electric Vehicle that Charges in Just 6 Minutes

KRISISTECH, a company specializing in the design of electrical systems, today announced that it has designed an electric vehicle equipped with a new fast-charge energy storage system and a wheel-driven propulsion system.

As a result of two years of research and development, Electron is a small town sedan measuring 3,976 mm W x 1,740 mm W x 1450 mm H, equipped with two revolutionary technologies. You have certainly been disappointed by the autonomy and the charging time of electric vehicles, our vehicle promises to change your mind. Electron is equipped with two technologies designed to revolutionize the use of an electric car. It is equipped with two electric-wheel motors and SCIB batteries in titanium lithium.

SCiB uses lithium oxide and titanium oxide (LTO) in its anode to achieve excellent characteristics, including safety, a long life of 15 years with 15,000 charge and discharge cycles. The propulsion is ensured by two motors electric wheels developing a total power of 100 horses (80 KW).

Electron has been designed to adapt to urban and extra-urban use for commuting, day-to-day recreation, all with an autonomy of about 350 km for a sales price of 19 000 USD . To accelerate the production of the prototype, the company has just launched a fundraiser via the INDIEGOGO participatory financing platform. The vehicle will be available for sale starting in December 2018.


Founded in February 2015, KRISISTECH is a French company specializes in engineering and technical studies. It manufactures and installs photovoltaic solar panels. KRISISTECH has also developed expertise in the design of micro hydroelectric works. It is oriented towards the international market ensuring more than 90% of the company's turnover.


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