J & G Transmissions in Salt Lake City UT, Offers Clutch Replacement Solutions

Clutch problems can leave a driver stuck at the side of the road. Symptoms with a manual transmission include the clutch slipping, making an unusual noise, physical difficulty or vibration when shifting, vibration in the pedal or the clutch refusing to release. With automatics, look for the transmission slipping or failing to engage, the RPMs increasing suddenly without an increase in speed, or poor pickup after a stop. Clutches generally last at least 50,000 miles of normal use, but can last as long as 100,000.

J & G Transmissions can repair, rebuild, or replace your clutch - and will honestly tell a driver when it needs to be replaced. They also offer financing and payment options if the replacement turns out to be expensive. They will get a car back on the road as quickly as possible, and will work with insurance companies if the problem is the result of an accident. In some cases they can even offer same day service.

They have a reputation for being honest, timely, affordable and able to offer full service Salt Lake City UT transmission repair. Although it is technically possible to replace a clutch yourself if you have the knowledge and equipment - in many cases it requires a hoist. For most people, getting a professional to do it is better - even if most of the cost is labor. J&G will give an honest estimate of what it will take in terms of parts and labor, and use only high quality parts.

Motorists should avoid driving a car with a broken clutch as it will only make things worse and can damage the transmission. Instead, they should contact J & G Transmissions and get a quote on a proper, professional repair.

Company Name: J & G Transmissions

Address: 4782 South 500 West, Murray Utah 84123

Contact Telephone Number: (801) 262-2321

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.jandgtransmissions.com

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