Towing Service in Auburn Hills Warns Motorists of Fire Hazards This Winter

Towing Service in Auburn Hills Warns Motorists of Fire Hazards This Winter

Auburn Hills, MI – Local Auburn Hills tow truck service provider Auto Alley Towing recently warned area residents of fire hazards coming to drivers this winter. While many motorists can state several hazards, many ignore them while actually driving.

“There are unavoidable hazards of driving during the winter, it comes with living in this area,” said the owner of Auto Alley Towing. “If drivers stay alert to the hazards, and understand how to deal with them, everyone will stay safer this winter, and have less property damage to deal with.”

Area roadways, like the area of Baldwin Rd near Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, see damage throughout the winter, oftentimes causing potholes that cannot only damage a vehicle, but cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle.

Add to this the slippery roads, reduced visibility, more after dusk driving, and increased rush, and there is a formula for disasters, which are being seen nearly daily on the area news channels.

“Sadly, most drivers do not want to hear the common solution to all of these,” weighed in the Auto Alley Towing representative, “simply slow down. By reducing speed, and giving yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go, you can handle winter hazards more adequately. Roadway hazards will not sneak up on you, and you have more time to react because you are traveling slower. It is a simple physics problem.”

In addition to reducing traveling speeds, drivers should keep their vehicle well maintained, with enough tread on all four tires, and plenty of windshield wiper fluid in the reservoir. When an accident does happen, drivers are well advised to have vetted an Oakland County tow truck service, like Auto Alley Towing. Drivers should look for a service this has a good response time, has high-ranked reviews and ratings, and have enough drivers in their dispatch to respond quickly.

Auto Alley concluded, “It is winter, no matter how cautious you are, you cannot always account for other drivers. Stay alert, stay safe, and be prepared for when the inevitable does occur.”

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