Towing Service in Livonia Advises How to Survive Winter Storms

Towing Service in Livonia Advises How to Survive Winter Storms

Livonia, MI – Towing service in Livonia advises drivers how to handle winter driving in the face of significant storms. Early storms in southern Michigan have left large pile-ups, costing several drivers their lives, like the situation on I-96 on December 8, 2016.

The owner of locally owned Middlebelt Towing a towing service in Livonia, recently weighed in on the severity of winter storms. “Living in the Great Lakes region, heavy snow squalls can come out of nowhere. When this happens, it can drastically reduce visibility, and cause roadways to become very slick.”

Drivers are well advised to exercise additional caution during significant winter weather.

How to Avoid Accidents During a Winter Storm

While winter storm advisories recommend drivers stay off the roadways whenever possible. While this is great advice for storms that are accurately forecasted, it is not always possible. For those drivers who are forced into a situation of driving during winter weather, some actions can reduce risk of damage or injury and increase safety for everyone on the roadways.

#1 Ensure The Vehicle Is Properly Maintained – Many accidents are caused because vehicles are not properly maintained, and are ill equipped to handle winter road conditions. Of utmost importance, drivers should ensure they have tires with good tread, the tires are properly inflated, that windshield wipers are in good repair, and that the washer fluid reservoir is full.

#2 Reduce Traveling Speed – When drivers encounter significant winter weather, one critical way to stay safer is to reduce traveling speeds. Even when roads do not appear slippery, if snow is falling and wind is blowing, patchy ice can form and cause drivers to lose control.

#3 Pull Over During Reduced Visibility – If visibility is significantly reduced during isolated snow showers, drivers are advised to pull over on the side of the road, into a parking lot, or onto off-ramps until the weather has passed. This is especially important along the I-270 and I-96 corridors, where storms produce locally heavy snow showers.

Middlebelt Towing concluded, “If drivers exercise caution and adjust driving habits to match road and weather conditions, the entire area will be safer this season.  As someone who drives a tow truck, my greatest concern is seeing my friends, family, neighbors and community be safe when the risk of driving is greatly increased.

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