Towing Service in Clinton Township Advises Drivers How to Stay Safe This Winter

Towing Service in Clinton Township Advises Drivers How to Stay Safe This Winter

Clinton Township, MIClinton Twp Towing, a local towing service in Clinton Township, recently issued advice to Macomb County residents on how to stay safe this winter. With colder temperatures and winter weather settling in, residents are advised to exercise additional caution.

The slippery conditions and unpredictable precipitation means that maintaining safety is harder this time of year than in warmer and drier seasons. The Clinton Twp Towing owner recently offered this insight, “We all hear it with the first snow…the weather brings out the crazy drivers. That’s really a fallacy, it just brings to light how much people do not pay attention to what they’re doing when they are driving.”

While it is already against the law to text and drive, the winter conditions bring the need for additional attention. Both hands on the wheel and full attention to the road can mean the difference between safe travel and a deadly collision. Clinton Twp continued, “One of worst things any emergency responder can get a call for is a fatal multiple car accident. Winter weather unfortunately brings with it more of these kinds of calls.”

Staying Safe While Driving

Clinton Twp recommended some actions every driver can take to help stay safer this time of year.

1. Proper Vehicle Maintenance – Tires should have good tread designed for multiple road conditions and the right amount of air. Additionally, wipers should be in good condition and the wiper reservoir kept full.

2. Allow Extra Travel Time – Drivers should take their time getting places, allowing time for variable road conditions and other drivers’ actions.

3. Keep A Blanket in The Car – Should a vehicle be stranded, a blanket in the car can be used to keep passengers warm while awaiting emergency responders. It can also be used to help control bleeding if necessary.

4. Keep a Bit Of Salt on Hand – Have salt in the car allows drivers to apply to slippery parking spots, if needed. This can be especially helpful if snow or ice came down while doing holiday shopping.

5. Keep Focused on the Task at Hand – It is easy for drivers to be distracted by all that is going on this time of year, not to mention other passengers in the car. Keeping as much attention on the task and responsibility of driving will ensure drivers see hazards and respond to them appropriately.

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