Regency Car Rentals Offers a Discount for a Charitable Cause

Regency Car Rentals Offers a Discount for a Charitable Cause


Los Angeles, Ca, 12/12/2016 – Christmas is the season of gift giving, showing love, and helping those in need. With our busy lives it is easy to forget that last part during the holiday season. However, now helping those in need can be done by simply renting a car from Regency Car Rentals? By choosing to rent a car their company, customers will not only receive top of the industry services but they will also be helping to save the lives of children fighting cancer.

Starting this holiday season Regency Car Rentals, located in Beverly Hills California,has vowed tocontinuously donate a percentage from each car rental to St. Jude Children Research Hospital. It may not seem like a big deal for a company to donate to charity. However, Regency Car Rentals is hoping that, by example andencouragement, clients will also donate to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Research. A cause that all of us can agree is noble and needed. What make this situation unique is, as a leading luxury and exotic car rental company, they have a cliental list of those who can donate more than just a bit of spare change. Whatever amount of donations clients do give, in addition to the percentage of revenue they are donating,it will without a doubt be a huge assistance to helpfamilies in need during a very trying part of their lives.

As a luxury car rental service provider, this will make a big impact on donations throughout the holidays. Since the demand for car rentals greatly increases during the holiday season, the company knows that they can provide a big help to supporta cause they believe everyone should consider. For anyone who want to donate, just visit them at They also provide links on their website homepage to donate directly to the organization.

Over the holiday season to help boost the donations they are encouraging luxury rentals with anunheard of 20% discount on all car rentals. The discounts will run until January 1st 2017, so if you have a need to rent a car for the holidays, business, or travel in Los Angeles, by renting with their company you will not only save on your rental, but also contribute to a cause worth supporting. Furthermore, Regency Car Rentals will continue to donate a percentage from each car rental to the St. Jude Children Research Hospital throughout all of 2017.

Regency Car Rentals also encourages other luxury companies to do the same to support a number of underprivileged individuals. For those who have a luxury product business or service, start changing children’s lives by making donations. Thus, working together in the luxury industriesmore people can make an impact on the lives of those less privileged.

Providing outstanding customer service, quality cars, and great prices. Anyone who needs to rent a car in Los Angelesduring the holidays should have an easy decision of which car company to choose. Apart from that, they can also help save children’s lives at the same time. Something anyone will feel good about as they enjoy the luxuries they are fortunate to have. This holiday season contribute to the holiday spirit by following Regency Car Rentals example by giving something back to those in need.

About Regency Car Rentals:

Regency Car Rentals aims to offer a fulfilling and superb car rental experience for their clients. They focus on unparalleled customer service and quality vehicles. This commitment to their customers and to others makes them stand out in their industry. Besides just offering exotic, luxury, prestigious and classic cars. Regency Car Rentals also provides a full range of vehicles to rent including standard, full size, compact, suvs, and most every vehicle from a standard rental company. However, with their customer service, unmatched pricing, and commitment to give back to those in need. It makes your next car rental choice an easy one. 



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