Towing Service in Southfield Weighs in on Additional DUI Enforcement

Towing Service in Southfield Weighs in on Additional DUI Enforcement

Southfield, MI – Locally owned and operated Stone Towing (, a towing service in Southfield, recently weighed in on the announced crack down on drunk driving. Intoxicated drivers are the biggest risk to personal safety while driving, especially during the holiday hustle.

“We see many accidents this time of year. While inclement weather is certainly a factor, many of the accidents we see are actually related to impaired driving,” said a driver from Stone Towing.

Increased Enforcement Means Increased Safety

Stone Towing continued, “While increased enforcement of intoxicated driving may seem like a nuisance and like seasonal targeting, the fact is it does keep us safer. Unfortunately, there is not testing and enforcement for some of the more common forms of impairment.”

This impairment Southfield-based Stone Towing addressed is actually driving while fatigued. Studies have shown that people who have been awake for 18 hours have the same impairment as someone who blows a 0.04 on a breathalyzer. Stay up for 24 hours, and that increases to the same impairment as 0.10. Keep in mind that the legal limit is 0.08.

“This time of year, people are running on empty, trying to get everything done before the holidays, staying late at work to wrap up end-of-year projects, and of course, the holiday parties. This creates a perfect storm for fatigued driving, as well as increase opportunity for intoxicated driving,” Stone added. “While this is great for business for an auto wrecker, it makes it dangerous for everyone.”

Maintaining healthy sleep habits, exercising moderation and using ride-sharing services will help ensure you will reduce the need for an Oakland County tow truck service this holiday season.

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