Edge5 Automotive Announces the Lite Plus Email Program

Edge5 Automotive Announces the Lite Plus Email Program

Laguna Hills, California – Edge5 Automotive has created lite plus program, for {purpose of new product}.

Lite Plus Program is a custom email campaign that displays four new car specials and up to six used car deals to be sent out to twenty-five thousand recipients, along with a weekly over review report and a monthly matchback report. Compared to the Lite Program that only displays up to six new car specials, this allows for used cars to be advertised to customers in close proximity to the dealership. Each week a project manager will update the new and used cars to be advertised on that week’s ad.

Edge5 Automotive also maintains a resourceful and competent manner of tracking marketing and analyzing traffic that their services are exposed to. They provides data such as participation in email campaigns through weekly and monthly reports. They also observe any rank fluctuation that occurs in their clients’ companies from when they first commenced business with Edge5 Automotive to the present day. Here, they discover the details of how well their advertising is functioning and devise a plan to optimize the marketing for augmenting online traffic.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Edge5 to anyone looking for a cost effective email marketing solution that combines excellent design with impressive results.”

-Jason Pelayo, Internet Director, Ford Dealer

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