J & G Transmissions in Salt Lake City UT Offers Standard Transmission Repair Services

A car's transmission is vital and often expensive to fix or replace. J & G Transmissions offers quality transmission repairs at a reasonable price. 

Transmission problems can be expensive - especially if they are not dealt with right away. J & G Transmissions are proud to offer standard transmission repair services to help drivers get back on the road as quickly and cheaply as possible.

A transmission problem is often indicated by issues shifting gears or slipping out of gear, slow acceleration, higher than normal revs, the check engine light or strange sounds coming from the engine. Transmission leaks can also indicate a problem - transmission fluid is, depending on the vehicle, red, green or brown. Manual transmission fluid is supposed to last the life of the transmission, and the fluid system should remain sealed. Drivers who see any of these problems should come into J & G Transmissions' Salt Lake City UT transmission repair shop right away.

First, they will determine if it is really a transmission problem and not something else, such as problems with the fuel system, computer problems or the need for a tune-up. Then, they will perform necessary repairs quickly. Continuing to drive a car with a transmission problem can be unsafe and it can easily escalate into something that results in the need for a new transmission and thousands of dollars in cost. (Do not drain or flush the transmission before taking the car in as that can mask a problem).

Drivers should go to a quality shop at the first sign of a transmission problem. J & G keeps exchange units in stock and are fully equipped to do repairs on Standard (Manual) transmissions - many shops only cover automatics, given they are much more common. They also sell and install transmission coolers and can do major and minor adjustments. If your manual car is slipping out of gear or not going into gear properly, then contact J & G Transmissions right away to get it repaired before it gets worse.

Company Name: J & G Transmissions

Address: 4782 South 500 West, Murray Utah 84123

Contact Telephone Number: (801) 262-2321

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.jandgtransmissions.com

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