Saving Lives and Providing Security Downriver Michigan Brake Specialist Keeps Safety First

Downriver Michigan, October 27, 2016 Downriver Michigan Auto Pros are securing their customers safety with Brake Specialized Services offered with a 10% discount. The Company is the preferred choice for Downriver, Lincoln Park, Southgate and Wyandotte communities for brake repair and service.

The website at is revealing to visitors key information regarding signs and signals to watch for when a car’s brakes begin to wear and need replacement and service.  The useful information details what occurs when brake pads start to wear to the point where they are no longer safe. There is a metal clip that comes in contact with the brake rotor of the vehicle. When this metal touches the rotor it gives off a distinct squeal which can usually be heard inside of the car, even when windows are up. If a car is giving off a squeal every time the brakes are pressed, more often than not, it is a signal that the cars brake pads are worn and need to be replaced.

Downriver Michigan Auto Pros understand the importance of getting the brakes checked and are offering free inspections for potential brake repairs. Once brakes start to squeal, it can do more damage to the braking system due to the pad being completely gone and the rotor starts to get damaged.

Another sign that awakens drivers to the issue that they need service is when the brakes actually feel soft and need to be pumped in order to come to bring the car to a complete stop. Sometimes this issue is caused by brakes that are low in fluid. Or it could mean parts of your brake system are failing.  Eventually they will not stop the car and this is where imminent danger can occur.

Downriver Michigan Auto Pros always put safety first for their customers and make keeping drivers and their family safe while in vehicles a #1 priority. If a car shows any sign of bad brakes or they sound like metal grinding or a high pitched squealing sound the Company recommends it is best not to take chances. Visit the Downriver Michigan Auto Pros shop and get a full comprehensive brake check.

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