Driverless cars and patent superstars, what does IP information tell us about the future of automotive?

Analysis of patent information in the automotive industry has revealed four key areas which will be the battlegrounds for innovation in the automotive industry. CPA Global Innovation Intelligence Services launches an in-depth patent analysis on the automotive industry in a detailed whitepaper to identify the trends and companies spearheading automotive advancement.

CPA Global’s whitepaper identified key trends in the future of automotive: developments in passenger safety, automotive communications, automation and in-car entertainment. The result will be more connected vehicles with enhanced driving assistance and improved safety. 

The research also highlighted how automotive manufacturers and IT companies are actively recruiting innovators from each other.  More than 20 ‘patent superstars’ (named inventors on patents) have transitioned from automotive to IT companies or vice versa since 2008, with the majority transitioning since 2011.  Both IT companies and auto makers are determined to control the future direction of vehicle innovation.

The research was performed utilising Innography™, an award-winning patent search and analysis software platform. Innography, a CPA Global company includes all issued US patents from 1900 to present and all published patent applications since 2001, including full text for all US documents dating back to 1976. In addition to weekly updates from the USPTO, Innography makes more than 5,000,000 data updates weekly covering more than 100 jurisdictions globally. Using this information, CPA Global analysed more than 230,000 US patent publications related to the automotive industry, identifying key trends and named inventors and compared these to IT companies.

Matt Luby, Director and Lead Consultant, Technology Intelligence, APAC, CPA Global comments: “The automotive industry is the epicenter of technology and innovation. Humanity has developed sophisticated vehicles that can respond to voice commands or be controlled entirely by an on-board computer. Automotive patents and ownership can provide valuable insight into future trends and the companies to watch”.

“Navigating intellectual property in a space where industries are merging and inventors are being actively recruited can be challenging, particularly if you are looking to obtain insight from vast amounts of patent data. CPA Global’s new Innovation Intelligence service makes it easy to gather commercial insights and visualisations - based on IP data - that inform and guide R&D and IP strategies.”

Ideas have always changed the world, but the pace of change has never been faster. CPA Global’s Innovation Intelligence Service offers commercial insight and powerful intelligence to successfully navigate the ever-changing world of innovation. For more information, visit link here.


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