Car accident rate in California climbing

Car accident rate in California climbingCar accident rate in California climbing



The National Safety Council (NSC) said car accidents in California started rising in 2014 and continues to climb. The increase, according to the NSC, is 31 percent in the Golden State.

California ranks 39 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in the number of wrecks annually. Southern California, the most urban part of the state, has a higher percentage of wrecks than the northern part.

"California does have the most people, so we are going to have a high number of wrecks. However, to rank 39 says that California has more than its share of irresponsible drivers. Someone has to hold these people accountable when they cause vehicle accidents. If you are one of the people who is a wreck caused by an irresponsible driver, then you deserve compensation for what you suffered," said LA attorney David Yadidi.

California requires drivers to carry insurance. If a driver causes an accident, the insurance company should offer a fair settlement.

"Should is not the same thing as does. Insurance companies don't care about you if you are in an accident. Insurance companies are most concerned about their stockholders," Mr. Yadidi said.

Because of that Mr. Yadidi said if you are ever in a wreck, do not speak to the insurance company. Have an attorney do that. Don't talk to the other driver either, Mr. Yadidi said.

"The insurance company is going to try to badger you into a less-than-fair settlement. The other driver is going to try to use anything you say to protect himself," Mr. Yadidi said. "You should answer any questions a police officer asks you, but that's it. Don't volunteer anything. Call an attorney as soon as you can to protect your rights."

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