Champion Racing Oil Encourages Support for S.2659 RPM Act

Champion Racing Oil Encourages Support for S.2659 RPM Act

Champion Oil, a major player in development and manufacturing of racing and performance products, announced today that it is encouraging all racers and auto enthusiasts to call their State Senator’s office and urge them to support S.2659.

“The future of racing remains at risk”, stated Karl Dedolph, Director of Champion Racing & Performance Products. “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken the position that it is illegal to make emissions system modifications to motor vehicles that are converted into racecars. This includes changes to the engine, exhaust or any other part of the emission system.”

“By calling your US Senate offices to support S. 2659, “Recognizing the Protection of the Motorsports Act of 2016” (RPM Act) it makes it clear that the Clean Air Act does not ban the modification of street vehicles for use in competition”, added Dedolph.

The Clean Air Act excludes racecars and parts from EPA regulation. However, the EPA is trying to get around the prohibition by asserting that street vehicles can’t be modified into racecars. The EPA has signaled that it will target companies that sell and install race parts. This action will adversely impact the availability of racing equipment.

S. 2659, the “RPM Act”, clarifies that the Clean Air Act permits street vehicles to be converted into dedicated racecars. Passing S. 2659 will allow motorsports industry and market to continue to thrive around the country.

Champion Racing Motor Oils contain Champion’s proprietary thermal viscosity stabilizer, special lubricity modifiers, and a premium level of anti-wear additives, which includes a high quantity of ZDDP. These additives are proven to meet the lubrication demands of competition engines, create a tough film strength, which controls wear and provides more horsepower and torque in dynamometer testing. Champion Racing Oils are suitable for use in all competition and race engines especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high RPM’s and requiring high-pressure valve springs. 

About the company: Champion Brands, LLC, is a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants for over 60 years. Champion also produces and blends over 350 products including fuel, oil, engine additives, and lubricants for the racing, automotive, heavy truck, agricultural, industrial, and specialty markets. For more information call Champion at 660-890-6231. Champion Brands, LLC; 1001 Golden Drive, Clinton, MO, or go to


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