All Weather Traction Device Turns Home Show Heads Even in The Summer!

Home & Garden show attendees recently converged in Ohio to learn about some of the most recent innovations and new product offerings for the home and family.  While the spring temperatures allowed most attendees to forget about winter inclement weather conditions, one product there garnered a prominent amount of attention for pickup trucks, an all weather traction device

During fall and winter months, residents will prepare for winter snow and ice.  Over the last few years, some parts of the country have experienced record snowfall.  This leads to issues with driving conditions for many people throughout.  In order to increase traction for their vehicles, many drivers will add weight to the back of a pick up truck, increasing the weight directly over the rear axle.  Many drivers will use messy and potentially dangerous combinations  of materials including salt & sandbags, blocks of wood and even concrete cinder blocks. 

The Weight Mate is a set of tanks designed for truck beds varying from 6' to 8' fitting securely into the bed of the truck. The tanks are then filled with water, adding from 500 to 800 or more pounds of weight straight over the rear axle of the pick-up truck. The Weight Mates are made with a high quality polyethylene and include an opening for easy filling and an added opening for easy draining. Weight Mates likewise have a low 6" profile leaving optimum hauling space, when in use.  They are even safely used and top-loaded in freezing conditions.  The durable rotationally molded construction allows for the top loading of the units, typically to the trucks rated load capacity. 

Likewise available are Water Mates which are made from food grade polyethylene. These provide the very same advantages of added weight; however allow the water to be used for drinking. In place of the drain opening is a faucet for simple dispending of drinking water. Water Mates are ideal for off-roading or camping. Both come complete with an anti-skid mat.

For additional information about Weight-Mates please visit or contact Granger Plastics Company at 513-424-1955. A division of Granger Industries, Granger Plastics Company is a rotational molding company located in Middletown, OH.

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