Driving Lessons Proven to Save Drivers Lives and Money

Driving Lessons Proven to Save Drivers Lives and Money


Melbourne, Australia— Driving lessons are proven to be a substantial benefit to all new drivers. Eastern Suburbs Driving School has been servicing Melbourne’s drivers for over 25 years and understands just how important driving lessons for new drivers really are to both the driver and society. Eastern Suburbs Driving School claims to have, ‘a team of friendly and experienced driving instructors…throughout Mebourne of the highest educational standards.’ Eastern Suburbs Driving School recognises the importance of facilitating driving lessons so learners can, ‘master safe driving skills to obtain full driving confidence.’ As research has indicated, drivers who do not partake in driving lessons are worse off compared to their counterparts, and Eastern Suburbs Driving school aims to combat the norm in driving school by educating and instructing for numerous reasons.

    Driving lessons are something every new driver benefits from, but not every one takes the time to actually sign up and participate in driving courses. One of the best reasons to take driving lessons is because it is scientifically proven to make drivers more safe. Yes, accidents happen, but certain accidents are avoidable if a driver is taught in the appropriate ways, this is especially true with young drivers who are learning how to drive for the first time. Research suggests that young adults who take driver’s education courses in order to qualify for their licenses are going to have less accidents and traffic violations than those who do not log in hours with a proper driving instructor. 

    Participating in driving classes also helps drivers save money. Yes, the initial fee to take driving classes is going to cost money, but there are multiple ways the driver will save money in the long term. First, drivers often qualify for special subsidies on their car insurance if they log in a certain number of hours with a driving instructor. Insurance is all about liability, and when a driver takes driving lessons prior to getting on the road, then they are inherently going to be less liable than a person who chooses not to take driving lessons. Drivers who take driving lessons are also going to save money on traffic violations and any type of damage that may come to them or their car. Given that science has proven drivers who take driving lessons are more likely to get into less accidents and receive less violations, this not only translates into being more safe, but also into saving more money. With this type of reasoning, it is safe to assume that those who don’t take driving lessons are going to spend more money over the course of time paying traffic fines, damages done to their car, and higher insurance premiums. 

    Another reason it is so important for drivers to take lessons from driving instructors is because it creates a safer and more comfortable learning environment. When drivers are forced to only learn from people they aren’t comfortable with, then they are going to struggle retaining information and performing to the best of their abilities. In learning from an experienced driving instructor in a controlled setting, learners are going to not retain more information, but they will also practise better habits. When learning from people who have been driving for years, they often learn bad habits that are not mandated or controlled by the governing bodies of their area. But, when a driver learns the rules of driving from an instructor, who’s entire profession is predicated on following strict state protocol, then it is inevitable they will be learning state mandates. By taking the pressure off of the learning driver to perform in front of a friend or family member, they will natural excel at the task at hand. 

    Eastern Suburbs Driving School clearly understands all the benefits and the significance of driving lessons because it is an all around safer alternative to not taking lessons. Claiming to be, ‘a strong and reliable family run driving school in Melbourne,’ Eastern Suburbs Driving School urges all of their possible clients to partake in driving lessons for both their safety and the safety of society. Promising to be a, ‘team of friendly and experienced driving instructors,’ with over twenty-five years of experience, Eastern Suburbs Driving School can attest to the validity of how lessons can save both lives and money. Regardless of the situation of a driver, Eastern Suburbs Driving has made it a mission to provide a service to Melbourne that is unparalleled and the better option for every type of driver who wants to improve their skills and learn new techniques. 

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