Jim Dickinson Auto Tech Warns About the Dangers of Improperly Maintained Tires

Ottawa, Ontario, February 25, 2016 – Tires keep you on the road, but many consumers underestimate the detailed maintenance needed to keep tires working safely. All tires eventually show wear and tear, but improperly maintained tires will show wear more quickly, and can lead to dangerous road situations if problem areas are not discovered early.

Tire maintenance and tire repair experts at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech point to a variety of factors at stake when considering tire safety. Adequate inflation and rotation, along with replacement when wear gets substantial are standard methods for maintaining tires. Monitoring the health of your tires is also important when it comes to discovering additional vehicle repairs. Uneven wear patterns may indicate alignment issues, which can negatively impact your fuel efficiency. Unexpected vehicle vibrations might signify improper wheel balance, and worn shocks will have a negative impact on tire performance overall. Seasonal changes can also affect tires if the correct rims are not in place, and non-working tire sensors will cause further problems if not caught and repaired early.

Having your tires regularly evaluated is important to ensure proper performance. In order to keep you safely on the road and your car in its best condition, make tire maintenance and tire repair a priority.

About Jim Dickinson Auto Tech
Owner Jim Dickinson at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech offers a variety of car repair services at his Ottawa location. Aside from electrical repairs, inspections, and warranty-approved maintenance, Jim offers full-service tune up and other services intended to keep your car in top working condition. Customer satisfaction is key, and client referrals are a major part of Jim’s business. For a full list of services visit Jim Dickinson Auto Tech online, or give him a call for more information.

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