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Bringing Liberty To The Streets 13
NASA Astronaut along with former U.S. Presidential Cabinet Member To Take Part in the 5th Annual Joint Conference On Juvenile Justice 15
Japanese Military Expenditure is expected to increase to US$46.4 billion by 2020 18
Detailed Analysis of the Norwegian Defense industry with Market Size and Forecasts 15
Adoption of Advanced Telemetry Cutting Defense Costs and Boosting the Global Aerospace and Defense Telemetry Market 14
One Lawyer’s Foolproof Way to Easily and Legally Bypass a DUI CheckPoint 26
Essex Senior Center Shows Love To Their Active Adults and Employees 23
New Traffic Lights For Atlanta, Among Other Things 49
Possible Changes to Utah's Seat Beat Law 36
Obama: Bad Investment Advice Costing Older Americans $17 Billion Annually 31
Ecumenical Movement of Churches and Christian Leaders Joining the March for Justice in Downtown Detroit on March 28th 40
Preparation For Executing Death Row Prisoners Almost Complete: DEATH PENALTY 37
Canna Products USA joins Medicinal Hemp Association in fighting CBD-only legislation 41
LA Times - Earl Reginald Stevenson Dead in South Africa 44
Associated Press - Natural Causes Ruling in Death of Earl Reginald Stevenson 40
South African Police Release New Details on Death of Earl Reginald Stevenson 40
Executive Director/Founder of Human Interest Organization, “I Am a Force4Good”, Brenda Schubach Acts To End Child Sex Trafficking 37
An Investigative Site Reveals Russian Nuclear Attacks in Ukraine 40
Russian, Indonesian Companies Violate Human Rights: BHRRC 42
New SPECIAL ACCESS Newsletter Covers UFOs, New World Order and Paranormal 40
Justice for Ariston Waiters: Renown Private Investigator T.J. Ward Seeks Murder Indictment against Former Union City Officer 55
Buffalo Witnesses Yet Another Car Wreck Statistic 63
Washington: A State of Dangerous Driving 62
Texas School Takes “Magical Threats to Children’s Safety Seriously”; Suspends Boy Over Hobbit Ring Terrorism 59
Anthem Data Hack Victims Announce Popular Choice To Represent The Lawsuit 61
Ex-British intel man reveals conspiracy theory behind media attacks on Qatar 78
Washington DC VA Medical Center Strives to Improve Patient Safety 104
I Am a Force4Good Founder, Brenda Schubach Supports and Calls Attention to and One Billion Rising 92
Bill 173: Job Training for Inmates 94
Italy's Military Expenditure is expected to increase to US$18.9 billion by 2020 99
UK's Military Expenditure is expected to increase to US$58.1 billion by 2020 121
UK Leads World To Permit An IVF Baby Conceived With DNA From 3 Different Donors 91
Nassau County Industrial Development Agency's Nicholas Terzulli wins DCI 40 under 40 award 132
Russia's Military Expenditure is expected to increase to US$152.1 billion by 2020 116
Global Military Rotorcraft Market is expected to increase to US$27.3 billion by 2025 145
Italy's Military Expenditure is expected to increase to US$18.9 billion by 2020 110
Kenya's Defense Expenditure increased from US$0.9 billion in 2011 to US$1.0 billion in 2015 107
Indonesian Air Force: To Replace F-5 Tigers With Sukhoi SU-35S 104
United Way of Broward County launches new affinity group, led by Michael Wild 112
Business, CEOs in Indonesia are Most Trusted: Edelman's Survey 109
The Law Offices of Jacob Glucksman Discusses the Review Decision of the US Supreme Court over Lethal Injection Protocols as a Doubted Call for Death Penalty Abolition 120
Federal Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Verizon Retirees’ Pension Class Action Litigation 119
City Council Pushes to Demolish the I-81 Viaduct 103
BREACH OF TRUST: Why President Barack Obama Wants to Close "The Trust Fund Loophole" 112
Captain 211 Visits Ft Lauderdale; Local Attorney Leads Charge 113
Michigan Hemp Company will grow industrial hemp in 2015 135
INDONESIAN POLITIC: Jokowi Faces Eight Human Rights Issues Inherited from Yudhoyono 127
Retirement Planning Expert Bryon Spicer Publishes New Article in Series Discussing the Top Factors That Can Drain Your Retirement Fund 181
The U.S. State Pension Crisis May be Worse than Retirees Think: Over Half of All Combined States’ Unfunded Liabilities Belong to Just Six States 140