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Michael Hill Authored Personal Development Book to Be Available for Free for Three Days in May 254
Mark Frobose Announces the Release of "Power Mandarin Accelerated" on - Gives Chinese Learners An Easier Way to Speak the Tones 258
Former Navy SEAL and Bestselling Author Unveils Strategies for Surviving an Active Shooter Scenario 265
Atlantis: The Small Island Has Been Found 260
USA Today bestseller Christy Carlyle continues her Accidental Heirs series with ONE DANGEROUS DESIRE 243
Language Audiobooks Announces the Release of Power Italian 1 Accelerated on - Gives Language Learners a Fast and Understandable Way to Speak and Remember Italian 324
Yoga: 20 Easy Yoga Poses for Beginners to Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Depression-A New Yoga Book to be Free for 3 Days 267
Victim Of American Judicial Systematic Injustice Seeks To Publish Book Through Kickstarter 205
Language Guy® Mark Frobose Announces the Release of Power French I Accelerated on - Makes Speaking French Possible and Memorable 297
The EMERALD DOORWAY Reveals The Mystery Of Lemuria, Atlantis, Polar Shifts, Extraterrestrials, And Rare Romance For The Reader’s Uplifting Benefit. 280
The Survivor and Other Tales of Old San Francisco 226
The EMERALD DOORWAY Reveals The Mystery Of Lemuria, Atlantis, Polar Shifts, Extraterrestrials, And Rare Romance For The Reader’s Uplifting Benefit. 269
THE SERES AGENDA (Special 4th Edition) Reveals Deliberately Hidden Truth And The Techniques To Safely Access It On A Multidimensional Scale. 216
Creator of Cues for Conservatives Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds 256
Liz Swann Miller Launches Red Smoothie Detox Factor for Healthy Weight Loss 453
Award-Winning Storyteller Exposes the Violent Jihad and Secrets of War 275
Author Launches A Crowfunding Campaign For An Epic Book Giveaway for Survivors of Abuse 235
A Stunning Coloring Book for Women to Relax, Recharge, and Unleash their Creativity 236
Saudi Arabian Ex-Muslim Launches Fundraising Campaign for Reforming Islam 234
Author Highlights Differences Between Religion and Lifestyle Christianity 224
The Marley Adventures Take Young Readers on Journeys Across Country and World 227
Environmentally-Aware Children’s Book Series Seeks Kickstarter Backing 182
Horse Tales for the Soul Series Empowers and Inspires Audiences 389
Serial Entrepreneur Rohit Gaur Launches the Temple Wars Book Series 423
Author And Entrepreneur Rohit Gaur Presents Ganesha’s Temple 312
Enjoy reading Cricket Life Magazine on Magzter 195
Inspire Paper Publishing releases their latest Stress Management Material called Tweet This Zen That, a Coloring Book for Adults 169
Creator of E is for Endangered Coloring Books, Launches Kickstarter Campaign 242
Everything Old is New Again - Gold Rush Era Author Shares Stories of the Old West 297
Wyatt Michaels Releases State Facts for Fun! New York 316
Nephew Honors Deceased Uncle’s Life in WWII Book 351
Cutting Edge Trends Transforming the Networking Industry How Speed Networking and "Paying it Forward" are the new Game Changers 352
Personal Development Coach Announces Free Bonus With Newsletter Subscription 213
Author Jane Blythe Releases Fifth And Final Book In Her Detective Parker Bell Crime Suspense Series - Forgotten 211
Author Linda S. Browning Releases New Contemporary Coming of Age Fiction Novel In-Between Reflections 274
MARV RUBINSTEIN'S BOOKS AVAILABLE From Amazon or Local Bookstores 267
MARV RUBINSTEIN'S BOOKS AVAILABLE From Amazon or Local Bookstores 268
Unholy Book Gets Unholy Reception 161
Science shows that the heart is an intelligence system, the topic of a new book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart 187
Children’s Book By Author Alice V. Walters Teaches Children About Love Hope And Forgiveness 192
Author Mary J. Williams Releases New Contemporary Sports Romance After The Rain 194
Lonely Girl Bares The Naked Truth In Her Unforgettable Tell-All BOOK 255
Crime Author Reveals Drug That Defeats Polygraph 225
Wyatt Michaels announces the availability of Farm Animal Facts for Fun! 194
Inspiring New Book Presents Spiritual Truth with a Twist 347
Most Funded children's book campaign currently live on Kickstarter 191
Canada's GP Traveler is now available on Magzter 253
DPS Insurance Group to open Hanover, MA location in May 261
ANIMO Magazine chooses Magzter to widen its global presence 275
Crime and Thriller Author Emily Kendricks Releases Her Second Book: Badge Without Honor 210