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50 Famous People Of The World, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published 260
American Founding Fathers In Color, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published 259
Just Published - A Journal Designed For Vampires! 290
New Writing Journal Website Launch 238
Award-Winning Time Travel Romance Is Permanently Free on Amazon 253
New Christmas book for boys available Amazon; Three rotten boys scheme to capture Santa and seize all his gifts. 246
Woman and Her Guardian Angel Face Dark Forces Together: Outskirts Press Publishes An Ordinary Angel 259
Boy Goes from Tough NYC Streets into Corporate America: Peace on Third Published by Outskirts Press 281
Shedding Alcohol’s Chains: Self-portrait: Patterns of Choice, Picture of Change from Outskirts Press 232
Local Radio DJ Ends Up at Epicenter of Global Danger: Pied Piper Published by Outskirts Press 349
Wife of Man with Perfect Life Says She’s Found Another Man: Hurtful Summer from Outskirts Press 309
A New, Integrated Method for Achieving Long-Term Success: A Balanced Approach from Outskirts Press 363
Unlikely Hero Learns He Must Always Shoot to Kill: Center Mass Published by Outskirts Press 387
A Family’s Tragedy Spawns Deception, Redemption and Romance: The Inheritance from Outskirts Press 250
New Spiritual Guide REVEALING DIVINE MYSTERIES of the LORD of MERCY Published by Outskirts Press 215
In 2277, Family Fights Predators Spawned from Radioactivity: FALLOUT Published by Outskirts Press 312
‘Six Steps to Unleashing Your Intuition’ – Psychic Book Free on Amazon December 21-23, 2014 326
A.G. Riddle’s Newest Novel, ‘Departure’, is a Top Hit On iPublisher News 543
Cities Of The World, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published 232
Arctic Animals (Cold Feet), Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published 214
A Sissy's Secret Desire, Speedy Publishing's New Erotica Book Published 315
Countries Of The Worlds (Quick Facts And Figures), Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published 283
A Sissy in Training, Speedy Publishing's New Erotica Book Published 247
Acclaimed Novel a Parable of American Life Today: Male, the Memoir Published by Outskirts Press 381
US Civil War Veterans Fight in Latin and South America: Outskirts Press Releases Defeat and Victory 349
Guided by Angels, Man Follows His Soul Mate: Unconditional Letters of Love from Outskirts Press 358
Stories of Selfless Lives of Service to Others: Visiting Black America Published by Outskirts Press 271
The Satisfaction of Vicarious Revenge: “39 Ways to Torment Your Cat” Published by Outskirts Press 250
New Poems Elicit Each Reader’s Individual Feelings: “Poetry about You” Published by Outskirts Press 310
Human Condition Is Reflected in Keen Stories of Dogs: Walk with Purpose Published by Outskirts Press 233
Newly Released Inspirational Book Teaches Readers to Evoke the Supernatural Favor of God 369
Woman Seeks Her Offspring, Now a Super Race: “Help Me Find My Children” Published by Outskirts Press 266
Single Mom’s Struggles to Be Healed: A Light Shining in the Darkness Published by Outskirts Press 213
New Bilingual Juvenile Fiction: Outskirts Press’ La Historia de Kickapoo John (Spanish and English) 223
Tutsi Girl Escapes Hutu Death Squads: The Dark Side of Human Nature Published by Outskirts Press 311
Award Winning Journalist’s Unimaginable Perseverance: Peeling Back the Layers from Outskirts Press 278
Student’s Summer Vacation Takes Unimaginable Turn: Pinos Altos Published by Outskirts Press 221
Candid Chronicle of Stages of Recovery from Abuse: Rising above It All Published by Outskirts Press 212
Army Veteran Exposes “Texas Miracle” Fraud: Outskirts Press’ Guns, Books, Lawsuits and Civil Rights 256
Woman Finally Brings Abusive, Depraved Father to Justice: Behind Bars Published by Outskirts Press 285
Salvo Siempre Salvo: Una Doctrina Muy Peligrosa Published by Outskirts Press 188
Prodigal Daughter Returns, But Life Is Never the Same: Glory on Stinking Creek from Outskirts Press 275
Warring Gangs Overrun a Chicago in New True Crime Book, History of Street Cops 292
The Moneylenders’ Struggle for Global Power: Outskirts Press’ Interest: Loan, Justiciable, Reckless 311
Outskirts Press Releases New West Indies History The Lucayan Sea: Birthplace of the Modern Americas 246
New Collection of Poems Rebuilds Spiritual Well Being: Luv dat Poems Published by Outskirts Press 381
Lethal Flaw Enters High Tech Rebirth of Thomas Jefferson: Dust to Dust Published by Outskirts Press 376
New Handbook of Powerful Sermons for Church Use, Snapshots of Christ, Published by Outskirts Press 190
HelenKay Dimon will take fans of romantic suspense on a thrill-ride with RUNNING HOT a Bad Boys Undercover novella 275