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Work Less, Live More Accomplish More and Be Happy! Speaker and Leadership Coach Sam Slay’s New Bestseller Unveils Secret to Make It Happen. 315
New Children's Books Inspires Kids to Pursue and Embrace their Passions 325
Sanders Honored with Conservation Author of the Year Award 326
Real Estate Broker, BC Risi, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With Real Estate GameChangers 303
InspiredWork Books Now Available 306
Adrienne Enfinger launches Her New Book Titled ‘Asteria’ 319
CrossTown: A Fantasy Sci-Fi Novel launches Kickstarter Campaign 288
New Release Advocates “Risky Obedience” in Speaking Truth 282
New Release is a Call to Hear God’s Message to the World 287
The Ultimate Guidebook to Raising Young Children launches Kickstarter Campaign 285
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Poetry Book — Urban Haiku: A View From the Edge by M. Dewayne Thompson 313
Food & Beverage Magazine is now available on Magzter 376
Who doesn’t love a salacious story? New memoir follows a modern-day teenager living an old-fashioned lifestyle. Outskirts Press Announces the Release of My A.R.R.A.: Growing Into Me, New Memoir by J.C. Sykes 321
An Indictment of the Church – Exposing the lifestyle that betrays the heart of modern day Christianity 321
Robert Kandell Has Posted a Campaign at Indiegogo Seeking Support for His Book the UnHidden 328
Sarah Remy’s final installment of the Bone Magic series THE EXILED KING 319
Influence is Powerful. New Bestseller Reveals Keys for Readers to Grow Their Influence Potential! 334
Dreams of Going Pro? What Athletes And Their Families Need To Know! 345
Ten Vital Traits for Life and Leadership! Executive Coach Steve Gutzler Releases New Book on How to Improve Personal Leadership 324
New Release is a Resource of Hope for Those Experiencing Personal Loss and the Pain of Miscarriage 290
Neuropsychologist Addresses the Spiritual Component of Depression 382
Inspirational Western Saga Highlights Man’s Partnership with God’s Work 389
Ultimate Safe Driving Guide! Award-Winning Injury Lawyer David Peel Releases Crucial New Book on Accident Injury Law! 412
Illness Can Be the Cure: The Listener Provides Insight into What Illness Can Teach People about Their Health 407
Riveting New Book Documents One Mom's Journey through the NFL and Beyond! 401
Swansea City's Jack Magazine goes digital with Magzter 387
Motivational Speaker and Child Advocate Releases Book on Her Relationship with God 366
Muncheez App Builds Trust And Compliance Across Cannabis Industry 1343
Air Traffic Controller Explores Intersecting Lives in New Release 533
Projects of Earth Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Publish Cookbook 395
Stop The Clock on Aging! Best-Selling Author Lynda Dyer’s New Release Reveals the Secrets of Youth and Longevity 449
Know the Positive Side of Getting Laid Off With Diana Layseca’s “The Gifts of Being Laid Off” 405
Guaranteed Strategies for Financial Success! Bestselling Author Zubin Sethna Reveals How He Became Financially Free at Twenty-Two 534
Publisher accepts the reality of adverse sales if bigots shun this book because the stories are best understood by open-minded readers 522
Book Signing Party To Take Place In Chicago – September 442
Enjoy reading Hinsdale Magazine on Magzter 475
New Book: Alternative Lifestyles Offer Alternatives to High Divorce Rates 446
Be a Leader With “Leadership for Everyone” by Diane Dean and Lucy Freedman 475
British Life Skills Offers SELT Examinations for Attaining British Citizenship 436
Addendale Reduced to Monochromatic State by Color Critters! In new children's bestseller, Pinky Chenille Rescues the Day using Teamwork! 502
DITY Moving Expands Across United States 446
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Juvenile Fiction: Silly Goose and the Avocado Moose: A Wonderful Adventure by David Shimones 459
Announcing the Highly Anticipated Release of Georgann Prochaska’s Third Snoopypuss Mystery: The Case of the Ex Who Plotted Revenge, Published by Outskirts Press 455
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of SUUS: The Power of Thinking by Eliot Proust 448
Delightful new children’s book stars Percy, a leaf with big dreams! Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Juvenile Fiction: Percy’s Dream by Kenneth M. Terry 449
New children’s book offers a delightful story of enduring friendship, forgiveness and redemption. Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Juvenile Fiction — The Kite and the Boy by Tennessee Author Aaron Duffy 461
New book with a surprise ending provides memorable entertainment and thought-provoking wisdom, written by a storyteller who understands the parallels through time of commitment, protest, betrayal and deliverance. 441
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Nonfiction: Lessons of an Entrepreneur: How to Grow, Take Risks and Survive by Ray Pekowski 421
New book proposes a national service program to bring young people of all backgrounds together, make them better citizens and help restore America’s glory. Outskirts Press Announces the Release of Step Forward America! A Case for a National Service Progr 401