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The Juice Magazine from is now digitally available on Magzter! 36
"Canada Telecommunications Report Q3 2015" Published 33
Elmer Davis Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With “UNcommon” 35
A Double "BOOM" for Local Financial Professional Robert Goldsmith, Hits Amazon Best- Seller List as Co-Author of BOOM! and is Featured on NBC as Guest on "Success Today." 33
"Warrior" The Sequel to Terry Irving's "Courier" Published on July 1 44
Heartbound: A love story which transcends not merely different cultures, but remarkable realms Now Released 35
Acclaimed author James Lilliefors new book, THE TEMPEST...On sale: July 28, 2015 53
Newsweek magazine brings its European edition to Magzter 41
Writer Finds Voice with Lily Droplet to Share Love of Science While Meeting Common Core Requirements 33
Successful Athlete Empowers Students with AhaBook on Student Athlete Branding 34
New Book Offers 3 Keys to Effective Business Stories 29
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of a Fascinating New Memoir: Hitchhiking Across America—A Ghostly, Unedited, True Story of One Man's Pioneered Existence Traversing the Country from Coast to Coast! 26
Romance and Suspense Are in Plentiful Supply in RC Osborn’s New Novel,’Til Death Do Us Part, Published by Outskirts Press. 29
Eleven Year Old Author Captures Common Core Requirements in Information Text 35
Expert Manual Beginning Swahili Workbook and Guide Published by Outskirts Press 72
New Strategies to Make Choices Alertly, Responsibly: Got a Bad Picker? Published by Outskirts Press 84
New Children’s Book, Billy Bear Cub: The Well-Mannered Cub, Makes Learning Manners Fun! 84
Outskirts Press Releases A Business Plan Book: Rags to a Job, Job to a Career Job, Career Job to Millionaire. Everything You Need to Know About Sales in One Book!—Offering a Straightforward Approach to Formulating a Successful Business Plan. 99
Founder of Meridian Associates Inc. Betsi Bixby Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Co-Author New Book 32
Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur Ray Brehm Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Co-Author New Book 33
CEO of Orchid Springs Animal Hospital Dr. Mitsie Vargas Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Co-Author New Book 32
Coach, Speaker, Author Shirley Richard Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Co-Author New Book 34
Good and Evil in Parallel Realities of Heaven and America: Hungry Nation Released by Outskirts Press 34
Richest Scripture, Completely Indexed: A Guide to the Psalms of David Published by Outskirts Press 29
A Texas Vampire: New Noir-ish Gothic Vampire Western, All the Colors, Published by Outskirts Press 26
Somehow, Someone Knows How to Threaten Two CIA Agents’ Mission: Dual Assassins from Outskirts Press 29
What Interviewers Really Look For: Mastering the Art of Interviewing Published by Outskirts Press 26
New Health Discovery: Vitamin D Deficiency in Modern Humans and Neanderthals from Outskirts Press 29
Poetic Retrospective Helps Show What Matters the Most: Discover Published by Outskirts Press 30
Mishaps of Two Minds, Two Genders Fused into One Body: Survival at Any Cost from Outskirts Press 27
African Man Entrusted with Wisdom of Peace: Africa: The Legacy of Civilization from Outskirts Press 27
New Christology Study for Pastors, Snapshots of Christ in 2nd Kings, Published by Outskirts Press 28
With Courage and Strong Faith Come Miracles: Struggles Overcome by Faith from Outskirts Press 30
Divorcee’s Saga Continues: Detours to the Good Stuff: A Ray of Golden Sunlight from Outskirts Press 29
Handy New Guide to Therapy Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion Published by Outskirts Press 32
Comforting Communication from Husband Who’s Passed: Serenity's Journey Published by Outskirts Press 29
Loves, Past Lives and Spiritual Cause and Effect: Little Bits of Karma Published by Outskirts Press 29
Dark Journey from Self-Imposed Oblivion to Serial Killing: Inside Damien's Mind from Outskirts Press 30
A Young Texas Woman’s History - Two Views of One Life: Just Food for Thought from Outskirts Press 30
Primary Healthcare in Nigeria: Overview, Challenges, and Prospects Published by Outskirts Press 27
Bold Trek, Georgia to Maine, on the Appalachian Trail: Stepping Wild Published by Outskirts Press 34
Famed Elizabethan Metallurgist’s New World Dilemma: Joachim's Magic Published by Outskirts Press 31
1941 Internment of Two Japanese-American Teens: Courageous Footsteps Published by Outskirts Press 30
Characters Sift through Life’s Chaff for Grains of Sense: A Winnowing Published by Outskirts Press 33
Tale of Harrowing Childhood in Pol Pot’s Cambodia: A Boy Escaped from Hell from Outskirts Press 33
Prince Bestows Man His Life, Reincarnates as His Son: The War Prince Published by Outskirts Press 29
Accepting Anger and Releasing It Productively: The Angerholics Handbook Published by Outskirts Press 30
If a Destructive God Is Revived, Chaos Reigns: Zodiac Signs: The Banished Hero from Outskirts Press 29